Bed and Breakfast La California


Great lodging and accommodation

The lodging at the Bed and Breakfast La California consists of three large and comfortable rooms, inside which phone and internet access are available. The setting of the rooms was carefully designed by the host with the efficiency and optimal comfort in mind. Two of these rooms also have private restrooms.

A living room equipped with luxurious couches and a fireplace is open to visitors as a resting area. In the backyard, a peaceful garden was built in which a barcecue is available for cooking.


The prices for lodging are the same for all the rooms. All prices include breakfast

Prices, including breakfast :

100$ single person
125$ two persons
25$ for a third person

Bed and Breakfast La California

2506, chemin Saint-Louis, Sillery, Québec, Canada, G1W 5A6
Tél/Fax : (418) 651-9548, (418) 651-4106